Ladina is a new apple variety coming from the Agroscope breeding programme. It was born on the banks of the Lake Zurich, in Switzerland.

This bicolored apple helds its uniqueness from its special taste profile, combined with amazing exotic flavours and a juicy and crispy texture.

Ladina is  suitable for several growing conditions. It is resistant to  scab (Rvi6). It is one of the most tolerant commercial apples to fireblight. It has good productivity and is harvested 2 weeks after Gala.

Ladina in Europe

In Europe, first commercial orchards were planted in Switzerland in 2012 and the French marketer Blue Whale has signed an option for exclusive production and marketing rights for France in 2016.

The development of Ladina outside of Europe is handled by IFO-Mondial Fruit Selection. It has started in 2017 by a call for Expression of Interest which resulted in the signature of Test and option agreements in Australia, Chile, New-Zealand, South Africa and USA.

Development of Ladina is now ongoing and remains open for consideration. Please contact us for any further information.

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