Our activities

The main objective is to create, introduce, test, protect, license, propagate, promote and market new rootstocks and new varieties of pip- and stone fruits on behalf of breeders, nurseries and fruit growers.

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Breeding at IFO

Breeding and evaluation of new varieties of apples, pears and rootstocks

IFO was created in 2004 on the basis of the experiences gained during several decades of experimentation by the historical nurseries of the DALIVAL group.
Today, IFO makes dozens of crosses each year, i.e. about 20,000 pips sown. In addition, IFO is a partner in many variety breeding programs around the world, thus expanding the range of objectives targeted with the crosses and thus expanding its variety offer to meet the demands of marketers.
In addition to evaluating its varieties and varieties of its partners, IFO also offers all breeders the opportunity to evaluate their varieties and their development at different scales via its dedicated structure.

Our activities

15 to 20 years

External breeder (independant breeders and research programmes)

The hybridization programs worked by IFO have very important themes: multi-resistance, low chiling, taste, original ...

Level 1

4 trees

Initial evaluation of the potential of the variety (agronomic, visual and eating criteria)

Level 2

10 to 20 trees.

Increase knowledge of varieties and show them to potential marketer

Commercial development of a new variety

Partners for breeding

Variety edition at IFO

A wide range of services

IFO offers to variety owners a full service including :

  • Intellectual property (PVR, patents, brands…)
  • Management of plant material (virus testing, distribution worldwide through quarantine…)
  • Management of licenses from propagation to commercialization
  • IFO's international network of connections facilitates the transfer of plant material

Variety edition: worldwide development and protection of varieties

Our activities

Our activities

Partners for edition