HC2-1 is a new generation hybrid from IFO’s breeding program.

This extremely attractive bright red bicoloured apple matures at the same time of Gala. It has good sugar and acidity levels combined with high firmness and great storage ability for an early variety. HC2-1 variety is very grower friendly, with high and regular yields, good fruit size as well as a very good ability to colour with clean skin finish.

Its marketing window combined with its attractiveness and its taste profile are showing great commercial perspectives for HC2-1 in Europe and overseas.

First Option on Commercial Development  of HC2-1 has been taken by Innatis – Pomanjou Group, with large commercial plantings objective in Europe.
HC2-1 is under evaluation in Australia, Chile, South-Africa, and USA.
IFO will be studying opportunities for international commercial development of HC2-1 over the 2 coming years.

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